Prairie Home Watch, LLC


We conduct thorough weekly reviews of your property and resolve issues right away.  If you would like more frequent visits, Prairie Home Watch, LLC is there to help.  We are insured and bonded professionals, and an accredited member of the National Home Watch Association.

A complete, custom review of your property, inside and out, will be developed with you.  When a review of your property is done each week, a report will be generated detailing what was checked, if any issues were found, and the action taken.  Photographs of any problems will be sent with the report following each visit.  In the event of an emergency, we will take the necessary action to secure your property and contact you for further instructions.  For non-emergency issues, Prairie Home Watch will contact you to discuss your options and how you want the matter handled.  If repairs are needed at your home, we can make arrangements with your preferred service provider, or help you contact licensed and bonded vendors.

Should a crime occur on  your property, we will contact 911 and you immediately.  Prairie Home Watch will work with you and the police to secure your home and protect your assets to the best of our ability.